Replacing Photo Stream with Lightroom and Dropbox

As part of my switch away from Aperture, I’m losing one of the best features of iCloud: Photo Stream sync. When using iPhoto or Aperture, you can have all the photos taken with all iOS devices automatically backed up to your computer’s hard drive, seamlessly, and in the background. If you aren’t using either of […]

PhotoStream vs Camera Roll

This is a feature suggestion for Apple. I want the ability to turn off the Camera Roll on my iPhone. Not the extra albums that I’ve lovingly created and filled by hand, but the primary photo album. The one everything goes into by default. I want to turn it off and replace it with a […]

iSCSI and non-cluster filesystems

I broke the number one rule of non-cluster-aware filesystems Thursday night, and accidentally mounted the iSCSI volume that hosts my Aperture library on two systems at the same time, both of which were in read/write mode. The volume was only mounted for 15 seconds or so, but the damage was done: pages of error messages […]

Aperture 3

Great news – Apple didn’t kill Aperture. Looking over the feature list, this is a must-have upgrade. Flickr and Facebook integration, face-detection (a-la iPhoto 09), and a bevy of new image editing tools, including brushes and better curves adjustments. What’s not to like? And it’s a $99 upgrade. I’m sold.