The Practical Operations Podcast

Myself, Jack Neely and Jarod Watkins have started a podcast about system operations and engineering topics, called the Practical Operations Podcast. It’s a weekly show where the three of us discuss pragmatic and practical topics in the field of operations. With the Thanksgiving holiday we were a little delayed releasing the second episode about the […]

ttytter is dead, long live oysttyer!

My favorite command-line twitter client is dead. It’s been replaced by the open source oysttyer, as the original author lost interest in twitter as a platform and decided to let the community run with it.

A Great Week For the NSA

It’s been a great week for the NSA. First, we get the news that they are (effectively) behind the hacker collective known as the Equation Group (which does insane things, like deploy malware into the firmware of hard drives, so it survives drive formatting). Now we learn that they’ve essentially pwned all cell phone SIM […]

Personal Projects

I’m starting to gear up for some personal tech projects – there’s a number of itches I want to scratch, and the itch is getting stronger. Part of the motivation was running across the “12 factor app” website a few days ago, and thinking about how to design modern IT and web services. Anyone who […]

Heartbleed OpenSSL and Password Management

In the wake of the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug, I think we need a new feature supported in all password managers – the ability to en masse flag all passwords as compromised. Once this happens, when you visit a site with a flag password, you are prompted to change it. Further, you could look at a […]